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Description Our shop in Japan. https;// (Japanese) I am PRISM ONE&Co owner that crazy burst coin miner. At our shop, we provide the plot service using the following powerful equipment. AMD Threadripper 1950X 64 GB PC 4-3200 Mhz Memory Titan V,GTX 1080 ti,etc... 6TB (nearline) x 16 (Total 96TB) Striping disk for plot buffer Consultation of large quantity plot is available worldwide. Please contact me.
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Public Key 47A35034FF0EBD0E0B343A701DEE763E12F039EA05E0350BAA37C8F470F04F1D
at block 298914
Creation Block 298913
Pool S-55XZ-S96V-F59N-DAHZ3
PoCC Pool: 100-0