Address S-E28L-7BRW-SGDL-6WU9B
ID 4944772253209723090
Name dAppository Community Account
Description This account holds funds from dAppository Tokens donations, which have no declared owner (usually, old tools/apps of non-active community members). The fund is for community activities and currently managed by ohager.
Total Balance 1,463.53078 SIGNA
($1.87 @ $0.0013 per SIGNA)
Free Balance 1,463.53078 SIGNA
($1.87 @ $0.0013 per SIGNA)
Locked Balance 0.0 SIGNA
($0.00 @ $0.0013 per SIGNA)
Public Key 94194E6BCB09D625E2F74409BBBAD2FB063B45BFC55673DA3327DD4AD028951D
at block 840702
Creation Block 840702