Ticker Gamblerize
Description Gamblerize is an asset based on earnings from the SnakeEyes asset. A % (never greater than 90%) of the revenue we get from SnakeEyes is used to buy more shares, and the other % is sent as dividends payout to Gamblerize asset holders. Increasing the value of Gamblerize more and more. The current % is set in the Asset issuer account in the description. Personal burst is used to buy the initial amount of SnakeEyes shares, and I will keep buying from time to time from the personal account but is not an obligation or part of what you are buying, it's more like a bonus.
Circulating Quantity 100,000
Decimals 0
Mintable False
Current Owner S-LDH8-SKVZ-UBPW-7UFK5
Block 408507