Description BTFGFARM OS a Virtual Pool that allows token holders to get the benefits of mining without the hardware purchase. Think of it as a combination of a mining rig rental, staking, and token investment rolled into one. How it Works: 1: Tokens are sold at 100 signum each. Each token is equivalent to 10 GiB of mining. 2: 100% of the funds from token sales is put into commitment. 3: 80% of mining revenue is issued as dividends. Remaining 20% goes to hardware owner. This gives us an expandable mining rig at 10,000 Commitment per TiB, allowing the virtual pool to take advantage of the bonus higher commitment gives. Not only that, your investment is 100% protected This also gives everyone the ability to audit the token! At any time you can see how many tokens are in existence, calculate how much commitment the mining account should have, and check the pool itself to verify that the capacity is, indeed, being used, all through the blockchain and the pool website
Circulating Quantity 3,282.13
Decimals 2
Mintable False
Current Owner S-BTFG-FARM-BPU4-AA7PU
Block 994853