Address S-XWZ2-2VEJ-3KMJ-H9XG8
ID 17526786022695695328
Name JumpingTop10ofBurstHolders
Description I want in the Top 10 of the burst holders. To archive my goal and to bring this coin ahead, i offer following: Help me to get in the top 10 of Burst owners and for every completed project (i think five will be needed to be in top 10) in addition i will invest 1BTC in Burst. Also i promise, that i will not sell the coins raised by this project in the next five years! Why you should trust me: I´m mining and investing in Burst since the beginning. I invested over 8000 Euros since now in Burst (bought with btc) and mining hardware. So far i´m mining with over 120TB every day. Until now i never sold any of my coins because i really belive this coin has a bright future. My username in bobafettCrowdfund
Creator S-AJ63-3W8L-FGBT-2ALZE
Creation Block 67580
Version 1
Activation 7.0 SIGNA
($0.01 @ $0.0011 per SIGNA)
Code Hash ID 8850941609898470763
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