ID 17645078820449732023
Name BananaBurstProofOfConcept
Description Hey, I want to collect money to buy some hardware necessary to build a BananaPi mining-rig for Burst. I want an answer for these questions: Is it possible to setup a micro-mining-rig with a BananaPi? How much TB can a BananaPi handle? What hardware is necessary? What stagger size is the best? What tweaks are necessary? How much energy it consumes over a certain period of time? Will it have a positive net present value in the long run? This project will be more a proof of concept. I want to show how efficient Burstcoin in general is and how everybody with low-tech can be part of distributed and efficient financial network - even in development countries. I will post my experiences and a HowTo in the I will take a BananaPi because it has a Sata connector. The new RaspberryPi 2 has 4 cores, but only USB2. I think with 150.000 Burst, around 60$ today, this project is funded. My name in is BananaBurst.Crowdfund
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Version 1
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