Address S-LCYM-7T86-RM6T-2GBYJ
ID 610570000868649939
Name OnlineCourseBurstmining
Description I want to create an online course for Burstmining. For some outsourcing work, we are short of 1,000,000 Bursts.\n Specialty of the course:\n 1. Course fee is ZERO !!!\n 2. all pools/forums/... are invited to contribute information to this course\n 3. for operation cost advertisement space will made available later\nCrowdfund
Creator S-X2MY-DV84-GB2J-HCXZE
Creation Block 69249
Version 1
Activation 7.0 SIGNA
($0.01 @ $0.001 per SIGNA)
Code Hash ID 8850941609898470763
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