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Name RoyalRanger
Description {"nm":"RoyalRanger","ds":"My name is Alexey Martynenko.\nI am the creator and editor-in-chief of the Signum Russian-speaking community website:\n\nI also founded and promote a product line, under the brand\n\nI am an expert in the field of blockchain technologies, including cryptocurrencies and NFT. You can get acquainted with my expert profiles on the leading profile web portals in Russia.","si":{"QmZKV8s8jh9q6uXN8EQpM7jPQzDAxfHNK82nnHXgTop5WC":"image/webp"},"av":{"Qmb84wj3x4EVURv9SeWk2ViX5ePjrroZQizszcEKYz7JYT":"image/jpeg"},"bg":{"QmbExbLtsQ8nsdK3dsyH5nzjTrtj4nVPBy34pF2YHZGbyX":"image/png"},"hp":"","tw":"","sc":["","",""]}
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