Address S-N3A4-3WGH-Z78H-6MFPA
ID 4924038645091534082
Name b
Description Flat Earth token was not created to troll Nivok. Sorry that you feel that way but Flat Earth Token is just that. Flat Earth Token. It has nothing to do with anyone. It represents the flat earth as the first and still the only flat earth crypto token. That's it. Not here to troll the space pool with our goofy names. Just having fun. Seems that some people get a good laugh out of it. Best regards. FLAT
Total Balance 0.00291473 SIGNA
($0.00 @ $0.001 per SIGNA)
Free Balance 0.00291473 SIGNA
($0.00 @ $0.001 per SIGNA)
Locked Balance 0.0 SIGNA
($0.00 @ $0.001 per SIGNA)
Public Key 78553B25FAD1AD4B579DC87950D550ADAA140A30D7D90510DA573D88F2B64719
at block 1006700
Creation Block 1006700
Pool S-44F8-ULC9-SYYL-E7N3E 0%fee